City Builder Pretzel Land Coming Soon to Android and iOS

Pretzel Land

GAMESinFLAMES and publisher Eurovideo Medien are working on Pretzel Land, a new mobile city builder that will look to inject some Oktoberfest spirit into the city management genre.

Pretzel Land offers city building fans a fresh setting filled with traditional Bavarian outfits. Players will build and manage their Bavarian village, set up new buildings, decorate their town, and manage the supply chains of the town’s manufacturers.

In practice that means a lot of what gamers are used to from mobile city builders: timers, making sure that each building has the required items to make its products, and managing resources. While the core of the game is largely something users have come to expect from the genre, the game does look to offer a fresh setting and the ability to decide where buildings and decorations are placed in order to create a unique town.

The upcoming city builder is already in its soft launch phase and is available to gamers in Indonesia and Austria (and VPN users).

Pretzel Land will be free to play and contain in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the mobile city management game on Google Play.

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