Pre-Registration for Gamevil’s new RPG Royal Blood Now Open

Royal Blood pre-registration

Its closed beta test may have just wrapped up, but Gamevil has already opened up pre-registration for its major upcoming RPG. Royal Blood seeks to offer gamers a 70 vs 70 realm vs realm experience along with above average graphics to go along with a lot of the trappings of most mobile MMORPGs.

Royal Blood will offer gamers four gender locked classes: A tanky warrior, a ranger that uses pistols and fights from a distance, a mage, and a bard that has some support abilities. Each of these classes can be customized with a few different hairstyles and colors as well as different faces, but character customization does not reach the heights of games like Nexon’s Darkness Rises or the long awaited Black Desert Mobile.

As far as gameplay goes, Royal Blood is an action RPG with an auto mode. Players have the ability to complete their quests and go about their business manually, but the reality is that many of the game’s quests can be completed by simply letting the AI do the work. That being said, using auto mode will not get things done for all of the game’s modes and some of the more challenging content.

The game’s content will include a 3 vs 3 PVP mode, 70 vs 70 RvR battles, and a host of different PVE options that include group raids and quests.

As with other Gamevil titles, progress made during the game’s closed beta test has reset and users will need to reinstall the game when it launches later this year.

This is Gamevil’s third game with open pre-registration at this time, joining the hero collection RPG Giants War and the strategy game Gardius Empire. Players who pre-register for the game through Gamevil’s website will receive unspecified exclusive rewards after the game launches, while users who pre-register through Google Play will receive an extra 300 diamonds and 300,000 gold.

Royal Blood has a scheduled release date of June 4, 2018 and it will be free and contain in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Prove your strengths at the 3:3 PVP Arena!
  • Team up with users worldwide and reveal your ultimate strategy


  • Join others in real time Raid battles!
  • Explore the open field by completing main Missions and Flash Quests
  • Challenge yourself at the Tower of Infinity!


  • Aslan or Harmion? Choose your Realm and participate in the ultimate 70 vs 70 RvR battle. Fight for glory!
  • Dominate the battlefield by conquering enemy’s base

Interested? Check out the RPG on Google Play.

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