Pre-Registration for Chain Strike Now Available on Game’s Website

Chain Strike

Gamers can now pre-register for Chain Strike on the game’s official website and receive additional in game rewards. Players who pre-register on the official site will receive 150 moonstones in addition to the 75 offered to players who pre-register through Google Play or the App Store. Com2uS is also running a referral campaign, and players who get three friends to pre-register using their referral link will receive an additional 100 moonstones.

After a beta phase that concluded last year, Com2uS has opened up pre-registration for their next mobile game. Chain Strike is a strategy RPG with gacha hero collection. While the category combination might draw comparisons to games like The Alchemist Code, Chain Strike is a very different type of strategy RPG.

Chain Strike’s matches take place on a 5 by 7 game board, and each character has bonuses and attacks available to them based on their placement in relation to their enemies and allies. That puts the focus on unit positioning and planning rather than simply getting within range to attack an opponent.

Chain Stike offers gacha style hero collection, with a promise of over 200 guardians to collect. These guardians come in a variety of flavors, with some focusing on attack, defense, or support, making team building an important part of the game. These heroes can be taken into a variety of modes including boss raids, PVP, and a story mode with visual novel style cutscenes.

Players who pre-register for Chain Strike on Google Play will receive 75 moonstones. Moonstones are the game’s premium currency and can be used to summon guardians as well as a variety of other things.

Please note that progress made during the game’s beta test has been wiped, and everyone will start fresh when the game launches. Though beta players may receive a bonus based on their progression.

Chain Strike will be free to play when it launches, and the game will contain in app purchases. There is no release date at this time but the game is expected to launch in March. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Collect 200 powerful Guardians
– Create the ultimate team of guardians, each with unique skills.
– Strategize your team by choosing from different types of guardians – Attack/ Defense/ HP/ Support
– Power up, evolve, awaken, and transcend to unlock your guardian’s potential.

Face off against giant bosses and challenging enemies
– Use Chain Strike to unleash special attacks. Each Guardian has a unique, animated power!
– Place your Guardians strategically to use their combined power in a Pincer attack!

Explore 6 exciting battle modes!
– Check out the Adventure Mode, where you can experience the game’s story.
– Explore Dungeons to acquire equipment and upgrade your Guardians.
– Enter PvP and battle against users from all around the world!

Interested? Check out the upcoming strategy RPG on Google Play.

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