New Patch Fixes Mobile City Builder Pocket City’s Biggest Issue

Pocket City

At the start of the week, Codebrew Games launched its new mobile city builder Pocket City to generally positive reception among fans. The Android version of the game, however, arrived with a major flaw that has helped the game’s rating drop to 4.2 stars.

The problem was that the game crashed, constantly and consistently. Android users across all devices experienced crashes after around 10 minutes of playing Pocket City. After several patches, those crashes appear to have been fixed. The latest patch, bringing the game’s version number to 0.1.107, has fixed a memory leak that was believed to be causing the game’s crashes.

In testing the game after the latest patch, the crashes do appear to be gone.

Though a game launching with such prevalent issue is rare, it does go toward demonstrating the difference between a game with fundamental problems and one with fixable issues. The former is a matter of design, such pay to win features, and is unlikely to be improved with time. The latter is something that, provided a developer supports its game, will be fixed in a future patch. The game’s crash issue had nearly no impact on Android Sloth’s review of Pocket City as the likelihood of it being addressed in a future patch was always high.

At the same time, fixable issues like crashes, server downtime, and extended maintenance can often have a significant impact on a game’s Google Play review score. This is evident with a title like MapleStory M, which saw it’s Google Play review average plummet after a number of delays between the time the game became available for download and when the servers were brought online. Though the low review score has not stopped MapleStory M from getting 3 million downloads since launch.

Pocket City is available on Google Play.

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