Mobile City Builder Pocket City Hits Android and iOS

Pocket City

City builders are incredibly common on mobile devices, but they are typically loaded with timers and in app purchases to bypass them instead of real gameplay. It often leads to games that revolve around timers rather than designing and building a functioning city. Codebrew Games’ Pocket City looks to change that.

Pocket City gameplay cycle is similar to many mobile city builders. Players complete quests which earn them experience points and help them level up. Leveling up unlocks the ability to put up new buildings, and the cycle repeats itself.

Where the game deviates from the standard mobile city builder formula is in its planning and strategic elements. While some games severely limit the player’s freedom to succeed or fail on their own terms, Pocket City has players build their city their way as long as they can satisfy the needs of the town’s citizens. Players will need to make sure that they earn enough cash, their population grows, and the citizens remain happy. In practice that means making sure the city has an ample housing stock and a variety of other buildings and facilities that help make sure citizens feel safe and entertained.

In a throwback to classic PC city builders like Sim City 2000, Pocket City also has disasters that players will need to deal with from time to time as they ravage their city. Volcanoes and tornadoes will destroy buildings, damage the in-game economy, and force players to quickly make adjustments to their plans and deal with the disaster area.

The Android version of Pocket City offers gamers two separate versions. The free to play version offers gamers a chance to earn bonus in-game cash for watching videos. The ad-free premium version offers gamers a sandbox mode, letting them build whatever they want without worrying about unlocking things.

Codebrew Games is a one person studio out of Canada and prior to the release of Pocket City has had limited success on Android. Currently its most popular title, puzzle game Poly Path, has accumulated over ten thousand downloads on Google Play.

Pocket City is $4.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. A free to play version is also available.

Interested? Check out the new city builder on Google Play.

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