Puzzle-Arcade Game “Plox Neon” Now Available on Android

Plox Neon

Developer Desert Owl Games has released its new arcade puzzle game Plox Neon on Android, iOS, and PC. Plox Neon is a Qix style puzzle game where players have to trap a variety of monsters in small chambers in order to eliminate them. Like other similar titles, players trap these monsters by diving the play area into increasingly smaller rooms in order to isolate enemies. Players will need to learn each enemies’ movement or attack pattern in order to successfully avoid them. Plox Neon has 60 levels to play through, a variety of monsters to avoid and trap, and of course neon.

Qix was a simple Atari game created by Taito in the 1980s that had players divide the play area into smaller and smaller pieces until they covered over 90% of the playfield. Since then the gameplay style was replicated in titles such as Volfied, Fortix, and Qix++.

Plox Neon has two different versions available. Both a free ad supported version, and a $2.99 ad free version are available. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

60 Challenging Puzzle Levels
8 Monsters, each requiring their own strategy to overcome
6 Electronic Audio Tracks
Stars and High Score system to challenge yourself
Colorful mix of organic and retro arcade visuals

Interested? Check out the ad supported version on Google Play.

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