Q-Games’ Eden Obscura Coming to Android Next Month

Eden Obscura Android

In 2008 Q-Games released PixelJunk Eden on the Playstation 3 as a digital release. The game captured the attention of both critics and gamers with its distinct visuals, relaxing gameplay and calming soundtrack. Eventually the game would be released on Steam in 2012. Q-Games will soon be returning to the world of Eden with Eden Obscura, which is coming to iOS on May 18th and Android on June 1st, as per one of the game’s developers.

A follow up to PixelJunk Eden, Eden Obscura looks to bring back much of the same gameplay mechanics of the original game. Players will jump and swing around on the game’s plants collecting spectra and increasing the size of the game’s gardens. Players familiar with the PS3 original will notice that Obscura looks to have a more vibrant color palette than the original Eden.

Q-Games is best known for releasing PixelJunk Monsters on the PS3, PlayStation Vita, PSP and PC as well as PixelJunk Shooter on the PS3, Vita, PS4 and PC. This will be Q-Games’ first mobile game release. Late last year the company ran a Kickstarter project for a mobile game called PixelJunk Monsters Duo and the project fell well short of its 12 million yen funding goal.

Here is the teaser trailer for Eden Obscura, scheduled to be released on Android on June 1st, 2018:

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