PES Card Collection Now on Android

PES Card Collection

Konami has released the latest entry in their Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series, also known as World Football: Winning Eleven in some markets. PES Card Collection is now available on Android and has players collect the cards of real football (soccer) players and then pit them against the collections of other players and the AI. Players will build their own team with their own custom kit (uniform) and an emblem. Player cards can be powered up, and gamers will even be able to team up for 11 on 11 matches, with each player using one player card. The matches themselves are played entirely by AI, so players can do nothing but watch. This game is separate from Konami’s previous PES Collection game.

To kick things off there is a new launch event that will last until 12/11/2017 and will give 250 free Prime Balls to new users after they finish the tutorial. Prime Balls are the game’s premium currency, and 250 is enough for 10+1 premium card draws.

PES Card Collection is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

Players from the world’s top national teams are here, including Argentina, Brazil and Portugal, as well as stars from some of the most popular club teams, including FC BARCELONA, LIVERPOOL FC, ARSENAL FC and BV BORUSSIA 09 DORTMUND. All the cards feature high quality player photographs. Collect your favourite players, train them up and build your own unique team of superstars!

The best way to check your team’s progress is by playing matches against other users, and in PESCC you can do this whenever you like and in real time. Ranked Matches could put you up against strong opponents you’ve never met before, whereas Friendly Matches are played between two friends. In Elevens Matches, you and 10 other users choose the single best player from your squads to form a team of 11 and play matches in real time against users from around the world. You’ll have to work together with you teammates for a gaming experience like nothing else!

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