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PEG: A New Mobile Peg Solitaire Game

If you’re the type of person that just can’t get enough puzzle games, Android gaming is pretty awesome. There’s never a shortage of puzzle games. Today developer Arzola’s has released PEG, a new peg solitaire game. At its core, this is a simple game. Players move pegs one by one, with blue pegs eliminating blue pegs, and red pegs eliminating red pegs. Things of course get more complicated as thinking several steps ahead becomes critical to success. The goal of each of the game’s 100+ levels is to clear the board until only one peg is left standing.

PEG was originally released on PC via Steam in October of 2017, where it currently enjoys a 100% positive rating based on 21 reviews.

PEG is $0.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description an a trailer with more information:

– Over a hundred hand-made levels, divided into several specially crafted boards.
– Daily auto-generated levels for a never ending experience.
– A color palette friendly for people with deuteranopia and similar visual complications.
– Several selections of zen music to fully immerse into relaxation.
– In-game options that allow gameplay speed tweaking, suitable for different play styles.
– Fully wordless UI for accessibility that ignores language and age barriers.
– A simple, yet addictingly complex gameplay for everyone to enjoy.
– Pegs.

Interested? Check out PEG on Google Play

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