Black Desert Mobile’s Pearl Abyss to Acquire CCP Games

Pearl Abyss CCP Acquisition

Pearl Abyss, developer of Black Desert Online, is set to acquire EVE Online developer CCP Games.

Though not necessarily one of the most well known online games, sci-fi MMO EVE Online is one of the longest running massively multiplayer online roleplaying games out there. The game has gone through numerous changes during its more than 15 year run.

The company’s acquisition by Pearl Abyss is being framed as an attempt to add some of CCP Games’ expertise while still allowing the Icelandic developer to maintain its autonomy. Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung had this to say about the acquisition:

We are thrilled to have CCP Games join our team as Black Desert Online continues to branch out globally. CCP is a seasoned publisher with over 15 years of digital distribution experience and know-how. They have done an incredible job of engaging and maintaining their playerbase, which we aim to learn from and hope to integrate natively into Pearl Abyss’ general practices across all our games.

Pearl Abyss rose to prominence with the launch of Black Desert Online, a game that has grown to be one of the biggest MMORPGs currently available, most recently passing the 10 million registered users mark. Despite the game’s popularity, the Korean developer has seen both a year over year and quarterly decline in the revenue generated from the PC version of the game. The acquisition could serve as a way of helping maintain and improve the game’s long term prospects as well assist on future games

On the mobile side of things, Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Mobile is currently the second highest grossing game on Google Play in South Korea, and helped the company generate most of its revenue in the past quarter. It is still expected to launch in Southeast Asia in late 2018 and North America in 2019. The new acquisition may not have much of an impact on Black Desert Mobile as CCP Games has little experience in the mobile market.

According to CCP Games, the acquisition will not impact the company’s direction. That means that the currently soft launched EVE: War of Ascension will not be effected by the company’s acquisition. Though the future of War of Ascension continues to be in doubt given the game’s lack of updates to the game and low user review scores.