Payday: Crime War Beta Test Starts Next Week

Payday: Crime War beta

Starbreeze will soon be holding a closed beta test for the upcoming mobile version of its popular heist shooter Payday. Titled Payday: Crime War, the game will offer players the chance to take the role of either criminals trying to pull off a heist or the law enforcement officers trying to stop them. Those looking to try out the game need to sign up for the Payday: Crime War beta test.

Payday: Crime War will let up to 8 users participate in a standoff between the police and a group of criminals, with players split between the two factions. The heist shooter will feature multiple characters from the Payday franchise, the ability to upgrade your character with new skills, gear, and items, and of course some multiplayer shooting action.

The stated goals for the upcoming closed beta are the standard goals for any beta: test matchmaking, mechanics, rules, and performance while gathering feedback from players.

The closed beta test is set to run from September 10 to October 14, 2018, giving gamers plenty of time to test out the shooter and provide feedback. This is a fair bit longer than most mobile closed beta tests, with titles like Birdie Crush holding beta tests that last just under two weeks.

Payday: Crime War was first shown off more than a year ago, and things have been quiet since. During the year since the game’s announcement, the mobile shooter landscape has shifted considerably thanks to the releases of major mobile battle royale games and a couple of new entries in popular mobile first person shooter franchises. Crime War will look to offer a different experience, but it will be up against some tough competition.

Sign ups for the Payday: Crime War beta are available on the game’s official website.

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