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Paladins Strike: Soft Launch Coming Soon

Update: Since this story was originally published there have been two major Paladins Strike related developments. The first of which is that the alpha test phase has wrapped up. The second is that Paladins Strike has a target window of October 2017 for its soft launch. This was revealed in a weekly development update on Reddit. The folks at Hi-Rez Studios have decided that a soft launch was the best way to get feedback on their game while testing it, making tweaks and changes prior to a full global launch. Target countries or regions have not been announced, but they have said that progress made during the soft launch will likely transfer to the game once it sees its global launch (as is usually the case).

Soft launches are a popular way for mobile game developers and publishers to slowly rollout their games while receiving feedback (both directly from users and via data collection) on performance, balance, bugs, etc. Soft launches typically start in a single country or small group of countries and sometimes expand prior to the global launch. Popular starting points for soft launches include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the countries of Scandinavia. The big advantage for developers and publishers of starting with a soft launch is that major bugs or issues that their game has during the soft launch can be fixed before the game goes global. One byproduct of that is star ratings, which can sometimes be quite low during soft launches, have time to recover without having a large impact on the game’s perception.

Some of the current major new Android games that are in their soft launch phase include: South Park: Phone Destroyer, Puzzle Fighter, Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Original Story:

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that Paladins Strike, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) based on their popular PC and console shooter Paladins, is coming soon to Android and iOS. The game has some impressive graphics for a mobile title, promises real time 5 on 5 multiplayer, and more than 15 characters to choose from. There is currently no scheduled release date, but registration for the Paladins Strike alpha test phase is already on the game’s official website. Here is the official trailer: