“Overdrive” Brings More Sidescrolling Action to Android

Overdrive: Ninja Shadow Revenge

Overdrive: Ninja Shadow Revenge (not to be confused with the e-book borrowing platform Overdrive) is a new sidescrolling action game that gives players the chance to play as a ninja as they slice through their enemies. Unlike the recently released ICEY, Overdrive opts for simple characters that amount to silhouettes with shading and lighting details, creating a Tron-like appearance. Combat is handled using the game’s virtual joystick and a combination of the jump, dash, and attack buttons, while sequestered in blocked off segments that occur between the game’s light platforming portions. Outside of combat, players can upgrade their gear and follow the game’s story when it’s told through comic book style scenes.

Overdrvie gameplay

Overdrive: Ninja Shadow Revenge is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Weighing in at a pleasantly low 57MB, Overdrive won’t eat much storage space. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description with more information:

– Playable OFFLINE
– Smooth game control experience
– Discover poweful combos in each weapon, make game full of fun and suprising.
– Upgrade, customize & equip your hero with epic weapons & armor suits and more!
– Ultra-stunning scifi graphic & effect
– Giant boss with unique attack.
– Using different weapons ( Sword, Buster Sword, Spear,…) with their perfect combos bring unforgetable hack and slash game experience.
– Players can pick their best weapons and also upgrade weapons to unlock new stronger combos

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