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Orbital 1 Preview: Another Clash Royale-like Misfire

The Basics

  • Name: Orbital 1
  • Developer: Etermax
  • Genre: Strategy(?)
  • Price: Free, with IAPs

The Details

  • Installed size: 110 mb
  • Best played in short-medium sessions
  • Some bugs experienced
  • Playable Offline: No

What is Orbital 1?

Orbital 1 is yet another Clash Royale-like game from Etermax, the makers of Trivia Crack and Trivia Crack Heroes. Like most chest & card games, Orbital 1 consists of playing 1 on 1 matches where players summon various units using constantly recharging energy. Units can be powered up by opening up chests and collecting unit cards. Chests can be obtained by winning matches, in app purchases, or free every 4 hours. Like other games, chests obtained by winning matches take time to open, diminishing the rewards for playing the game for more than 4 wins at a time. The battles take place in a circular arena, with each side getting 3 vehicles that act as their base and drive around the arena. First person to destroy their opponent’s middle vehicle wins. Players have control over which creatures they want to spawn and where to spawn them, but no control once they’re released.

Orbital 1 Gameplay


  • Levels: 3 arenas
  • 20 creature and spells to level up
  • Stamina system: No
  • PVP: Maybe*
  • CO-OP: No
  • Social features: None


  • Graphics quality: Average
  • Audio quality: Good
  • Audio recommended: No
  • UI quality: Average
  • Overall presentation: Average

*most/all matches played during review process were played against bots.


At this time, this is a game that has a single gimmick and nothing beyond that. There’s very little in terms of gameplay or strategy here. The creatures you spawn do have classes, and certain classes are better against some than others. That’s as far as strategy goes though. Beyond that point, the player with the strongest creatures wins. What makes things even worse is that most of the matches played during the review process were very obviously against bots, and not real players. While that’s alright in certain circumstances, it’s unacceptable when there’s nothing to distinguish real players from bots beyond gameplay style. While this game is certainly missing a lot of features, like chat, guilds, friend lists, etc., those things can all be added in the future. What can’t be patched is the game’s lack of creativity and depth. The recommendation on Orbital 1 is definitely to skip it, and maybe take a look at it in a few months.

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Note: This preview reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.
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