Open Beta For RPG Devil Crasher is Now Available

Devil Crasher

4:33 Creative Lab has launched a beta test for its new RPG ‘Devil Crasher’ in select regions. Gamers have until the end of the month to participate in the Devil Crasher open beta test.

The new turn based RPG promises players a strategic, turn-based battle system with an emphasis on hero formations and flashy skill animations. The game features what publisher 4:33 describes as a “witty” story mode to go along with real time PVP, co-op raids, and more content for players to explore.

The open beta test is set to run until August 29, 2018 and is only available to users in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Though players from other regions who are eager to try the game can always download the game using a VPN. Player data will be reset once the beta test is over.

4:33 is best know for the monster collection game Monster Super League but has more recently made a splash with the launch of Boxing Star. Devil Crasher isn’t the only game the South Korean publisher has in the works, strategy game Mad Rocket: Fog of War is set to launch soon and pre-registration is available, while action RPG DC: Unchained is currently available in Southeast Asia.

Devil Crasher will be free to play and contain in app purchases. Here is the game’s debut trailer, which shows off some skill animations and one particularly large creature players will encounter:

Interested? Check out the game on Google Play.

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