One Piece Bounty Rush To Undergo Long-Term Maintenance

One Piece Bounty Rush

After over 500,000 downloads on Google Play in a little over week, Bandai Namco has decided that One Piece Bounty Rush had so many issues that it needed to be shut down while things are fixed.

Bounty Rush has received a lot of user backlash since its launch, leading to an abysmal 2.7 star rating from Android users. Most users complained about game breaking bugs such as crashes, major display issues, and a generally unstable experience. It looks like Bandai Namco has listened to fans and decided that the game needs more than a few subtle tweeks and have shut down the game until they address some of the issues.

One Piece Bounty Rush is primarily a 4 on 4 competition to see which team can collect the most berries. For those unfamiliar with One Piece universe, berry (or belly) is the name of the world’s primary currency. As players collect berries they will need to return them to their team’s bank in order to avoid losing them upon death. At the same time they will want to make sure their opponents don’t make it back to their bank. Players will also be able to complete the game’s single player quests when they are not in the mood for PVP matches.

Servers are currently down and the game is no longer available on Google Play or the App Store. There has been no announcement regarding when the game will return. Fans who have been playing the game will be pleased to know that data will not be wiped during the extended maintenance. Players should be aware that if they uninstall the app they will lose their data unless they have their recovery code.

For now, here’s a trailer of the game: