Players Can Now Pre-Register for Sailing RPG Ocean Legend

Ocean Legend

Android gamers looking to take to the high seas will have another opportunity to do so next month with the latest title from Oasis Games. Ocean Legend will put players in the role of a captain during the Age of Discovery (Aprox. 1400-1600 A.D.) as they embark on their adventure. Players will be able to trade goods, head into navel battles, and navigate the seas as they seek fame and fortune. That is the setup for the game.

Oasis Games has promised that the game will offer multiplayer naval battles, that the game’s trading system would see constantly changing markets, and different player occupations. Players will be able to become a bounty hunter, diviner, gunnery, or melee knight. Each occupation will have its own unique set of skills that will let players use buffs or unleash devastating attacks.

Pre-registration for the game is now available and rewards are being offered based on the total number of registrations:

  • 2,000: 1 million Ocean Coins, 10 Dusty Purchase Books, 10 Battle Talents Books
  • 5,000: 3 million Ocean Coins, 5 Iron Sheet Materials, 15 Trade Talent Books
  • 10,000: 5 million Ocean Coins, 30 Dusty Purchase Books, 300 Ocean Blue Diamonds
  • 20,000: 10 million Ocean Coins, 20 Battle Talent Books, 20 Trade Talen Books
  • 30,000: 10 Weapon Smelting Tools, 10 Defense Smelting Tools
  • 50,000: Navigator Luna, 20 thousand Gold

Ocean Legend will be free to play and contain in app purchases. It is currently scheduled to launch on April 20th, 2018. Here is the game’s cinematic trailer:

Interested? Check out the game’s pre-registration page.

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