Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

Ninja Voltage launched recently, so here are some basic Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage tips and tricks to get you started with the game:

NxB Ninja Voltage tips and information: currencies

  • Shinobite: Premium currency, useful for many different purposes. Primarily acquired through in app purchases. Also given as a reward for achievements, certain events, compensation for maintenance, etc.
  • Ryo: Basic currency used primarily for upgrading your base and certain buildings in the village as well as buying fortress layouts. Generated by the restaurant and can be obtained through fortress attacks
  • Chakra: Basic currency used for upgrading certain buildings in the village, ninja card upgrades. Generated by the monument and obtained through event quests and can be obtained through fortress attacks
  • Ability Points: Used to unlock abilities. Acquired as a reward for first time completions of some events and selling ninja cards
  • Guild Medals: Used to buy items (including ninja tools) from the guild shop. Guild tokens are awarded at the end of each league based on your guild’s rank
  • Fortress Medals: Used to buy items from the fortress items shop and upgrade the base. Obtained as a reward for fortress attacks and defenses
Don’t forget to place a shinobi in your restaurant, shrine, bank and monument. It will help you generate resources faster and keep more of your resources after being attacked. Shinobi working at a facility can still be used in combat and in your fortress.

How to get new shinobi

New shinobi (playable characters) are primarily unlocked by playing the game’s single player story mode and events. Some characters may also be given as part of events, or sold in the game’s shop. Shinobi are never given directly, instead players get shards that can be used to unlock and awaken them. To unlock a shinobi once you have the shards, simply go to the shinobi menu, and select obtain shinobi to see which characters you have not unlocked yet.

Powering up shinobi

There are a number of ways to power up characters in NxB Ninja Voltage. The easiest and most powerful is to equip new ninja cards. These cards directly raise your characters stats. Ninja cards can also unlock new attack skills, or ninjutsu. Cards that unlock skills will have a small blue icon in the corner of the card. When equipped by the character depicted in the card, they will allow that character to use a ninjutsu. To see which ninjutsu a card has, simply select the card (long press). Shinobi can also be powered up by equipping ninja tools, purchasing abilities using ability points, awakening.

Awakening a shinobi raises raises their stars and allow you to purchase more abilities. To awaken a shinobi, you need to collect a specific number of shards for that character and then go to the shinobi menu and select awaken.

Ninja cards

The core of your characters power will come from ninja cards.
Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Tips & Tricks Cards

  • Ninja cards are primarily acquired from summons using Shinobite (premium currency)
  • Some cards can be acquired from single player story quests
  • Some cards unlock ninjutsu, or skills, for the characters that use them, those cards will have a small blue icon in the lower left corner
  • Cards can be equipped by any character, but a ninjutsu will only be unlocked when a specific character equips the card.
  • Ninja cards can be powered up using chakra to increase their level
  • Once a card reaches its level cap, it can be evolved to raise the number of stars it has
  • Ninja card evolution requires a maxed out card as well as a number of evolution ingredients that match the element of the card. Evolution ingredients can be obtained during specific events.
  • The level of a ninjutsu can be increased by combining multiple cards with the same ninjutsu

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage tips and tricks – fortress

  • Each fortress layout comes with its own number of traps and spawn locations. Higher level layouts are better than lower level ones, so don’t forget to upgrade your layout after you unlock a new set.
  • If you get attacked, you can see log of the attack by going to your base (in the village) and then selection battle log.
  • Mix up the default trap locations to create a more lethal fortresses
  • Defense tiers refer to the number of shinobi spawning locations on the map beyond the final one.
  • Taking down a shinobi will lower the defense tier, and make it easier to get through the gate to the final battle.

Hopefully these Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage tips help you get started on the right foot.