Ntales: Child of Destiny Available Worldwide

Ntales: Child of Destiny

Android gamers around the globe can now attempt to save the kingdom of Lansia in Ntales: Child of Destiny. The game has been in its soft launch phase for a short time, and publisher RuleMakr has launched just launched it worldwide. Ntales is a 2D RPG where players take on hordes of monsters as they complete quests in the game’s 200+ maps. Players choose their class and then develop their characters with different equipment, stats, and costumes and pets. While players start out with only 3 classes to choose from (warrior, magician, and cleric) they can develop their characters and choose subclasses like Berserker and Necromancer. The game features a number of modes including both PvE, PVP, and pet battles that let your lower followers duke it out against other players’ minions.

Ntales: Child of Destiny is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Game Features:
Accomplish impossible missions and side-quests!
Gear up your class with great costume, wings, unique equipment and items!
Challenging Battle Modes – Boss Dungeon, Infinity Tower, Time Dungeon and Pet Island
Summon cute and powerful pets to fight along your side!
Tag along your friends to defeat Boss Dungeon, join guild and party with peer!
Choose from 3 Classic Hero Classes: Warrior, Magician, and Cleric!
Journey to over 200 Maps – Sharpen your skill to defeat the monsters!

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