Noodlecake Studios Releases a Preview of Their 2018 Releases

Noodlecake Games

Noodlecake Studios, the indie publisher behind the Android releases of titles like Alto’s Adventure and Death Road to Canada has released a new video teasing some of the game’s the company plans to release in 2018. Here it is:

All of the games shown are slated to be released on Android and, with the exception of the already available Getting Over It, iOS. Here’s the full list:

Absolute Drift

Developed by Funselektor Labs, Absolute Drift is a stylish drifting game inspired by Gymkhana. The game is already available on PC & PS4 and it’s coming to both iOS and Android.

Dizzy Knight

Developed by Gavin Carter, Dizzy Knight is a game that revolves around recklessly spinning in circles while holding a sword. Players who want to take Dizzy Knight for a spin can do so now as the game is already in early access.

Summer Catchers

Developed by FaceIT, Summer Catch is a game about a girl’s journey south through different worlds made of beautiful pixel art.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Often immitated, Bennett Foddy’s Getting Over It was one of 2017’s surprise hits on Steam. The game gives players a sledgehammer and tells them to climb.

Sneak Ops

Developed by Gritmaniacs, Sneak Ops tasks players with stealthily infiltrating military bases in the game’s procedurally generated levels.

Enchanted World

Developed by AI Interactive, Enchanted World is a puzzle game about a wizard as he tries to piece the world back together. The low-polly adventure will feature 9 worlds to journey across and more than 30 puzzles to solve.

Shy Bunnies

Developed by Daniel Marques, Shy Bunnies is a wacky one button arcade game for up to 4 players on a single device.

Suzy Cube

Developed by Louard, Suzy Cube is a 3D platformer inspired by Mario. Gamers will be able to run, jump and stomp their way across the game’s stages and worlds. If you’re looking for a Super Mario 3D World-like on mobile, Suzy Cube is a game worth watching.

The next Super Stickman Golf game?

Video ends with what appears to be a teaser for what could be Super Stickman Golf 4. With over 5 million downloads for two of the first 3 games on Google Play, Super Stickman Golf is one of Noodlecake’s most popular series.

Note: Not all games are available in all countries. Discounts and prices may vary by region. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD.