Noblesse M, RPG Based on Popular Webtoon Now Global

Noblesse M Global

Liveplex has launched a new turn-based RPG based on the Noblesse Webtoon. Previously only available in Korea, Noblesse M Global gives gamers around the globe a chance to experience the Webtoon’s story in a new format.

Based on Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee’s popular Webtoon which currently has over 500 issues, the new game gives players a chance to collect a variety of the franchise’s heroes and take them into turn-based battles. The battles themselves will feel familiar to most mobile gamers, with three skills per character to choose from and all but the basic attack having their own cooldown.

Where Noblesse M stands out is in its setting and presentation. As with a number of other games turn-based RPGs, like the recently released Knights Chronicle, Noblesse has some elaborate and flashy attack animations, particularly when it comes to each character’s most powerful attack. The game’s setting, taking place in urban Korea rather than a fanciful fantasy world is what truly sets it apart. The gacha game genre is typically dominated by swords and sorcery style fantasy settings making games like Noblesse M and the upcoming SMT: Libration Dx2 instantly stand out.

Noblesse M is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at two of the game’s characters and their flashy attack animations:

Interested? Check out the new RPG on Google Play.

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