Here’s What We Know About Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (plus the trailer)

Dragalia Lost

As part of its Q4 financial presentation, Nintendo has announced that they are partnering with Cygames to release Dragalia Lost, a mobile RPG. The upcoming game is due to launch this summer in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. It will later be released in North America and Europe. Dragalia Lost will be a gacha action RPG that promises more than 60 characters, voice acting, and intuitive controls.

The game has also started a pre-registration campaign that will reward users with premium currency upon the game’s launch based on the total numbers of users that register. At the highest tier the reward is 1500 crystals, enough for 10 premium summons. The pre-registration is meant for users in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. It should be noted that although the game is only launching in a few countries, the game appears to only have a single Google Play page, as has always been the case with Nintendo games. It is unknown if there will be any region locked servers or other means of keeping players from outside of the launch regions from playing the game. Those looking for more info on the game and a look at the pre-registration page can check out the game’s official website, though it’s currently only available in Japanese.

There has been no word on a release in South America or other parts of Asia. Nintendo has often been slower to release its titles in Southeast Asia, with Fire Emblem Heroes launching in Singapore and Thailand months after the game’s global launch. At this time Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Heroes are not still not officially available in the Philippines or South Korea.

Dragalia Lost will be the fourth mobile game that Nintendo will publish. As of today, all of three of the company’s games have been downloaded more than 5 million times through Google Play, where Super Mario Run has accumulated over 100 million downloads. It should be noted that Pokemon GO was developed and published by Ingress developer Niantic, and Nintendo’s soon to be shut down Miitomo was always pushed by the company as a social app rather than a game. Nintendo also plans to release a mobile Mario Kart title at some point before the end of its fourth quarter (March 31, 2019).

Cygames became a major mobile game developer with the release of the card game Rage of Bahamut, and has since worked on numerous projects including the hugely successful gacha RPG Granblue Fantasy. Like Granblue Fantasy, many of the titles Cygames has worked on in the past have not been released outside of Japan. The company’s major releases outside of Japan today are the card game Shadowverse and the strategy game Battle Champs.

Here is the debut trailer for Nintendo & Cygames’ Dragalia Lost:

Interested? Check out the game’s Japanese Google Play page.