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Nintendo Is Ready to Talk Animal Crossing Mobile

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing and its colorful animal villagers have captured the hearts and mind of gamers around the world. Many of us know what it feels like to owe money to Tom Nook, or that feeling you get when you pay off one loan only to be stuck with a new one. In what feels like a natural move, Nintendo is (hopefully) bringing Animal Crossing’s home building and villager interactions to Android and iOS.

Nintendo has announced that they will be holding a Nintendo Direct live stream dedicated to Animal Crossing Mobile on October 24th, 2017 at 8 PM PST. The event is scheduled to only last for approximately 15 minutes, so the amount of information revealed might be a bit light. Here are some of the things that could make or break the reception of the event:

A 2017 release date

Animal Crossing Mobile was originally expected in 2016 and has been delayed a few times since. A firm release date without any further delays is a must if the event is to be viewed as a complete success.

No release date, or a delay

While Nintendo has been working on Animal Crossing, their competitors have been hard at work too. The recently released Home Street has brought mobile users a good home decorating experience with a heap of social features. The upcoming The Sims Mobile, slated to release later this year, will offer gamers home decoration to go along with a ton of character customization. Core Animal Crossing games offer a different experience than either Home Street or The Sims Mobile, but the difference is not large enough for Nintendo to ignore the competition and to let other games establish themselves.

Animal Crossing Mobile is a core Animal Crossing game

Perhaps the biggest worry that accompanies Animal Crossing Mobile is what type of game it will be. Nintendo is no stranger to making spin-offs of its popular franchises, examples include Link’s Crossbow Training, Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland, or Mario Kart. Sometimes, like in the case of Mario Kart, these spin-offs are awesome and popular enough to spawn their own franchises, but that is far from always being the case. If Animal Crossing is the same sort of game as the core Animal Crossing series, it will help avoid many potential pitfalls.

Little to no mention of online features

Nintendo’s track record as far as online play goes is not good. While their competitors were providing players with cohesive online experiences, Nintendo was still using friend codes. While the competition had voice chat as a standard feature, Nintendo remained silent. When competitors began encouraging players to share their experiences, Nintendo opted to keep things private. Now they are on mobile, where they are face competitors that are offering Facebook integration, cloud saving, chat, and more. Will Nintendo step up their game, or are they hoping that the Animal Crossing brand is strong enough to make up for any online shortcomings?

Premium currency that can be used instead of Bells

The best case scenario, from the point of view of gamers, is that Animal Crossing Mobile’s premium currency will mainly be used to allow players to instantly buy new cloths and decorations if they’re short on basic currency (presumably Bells). That means that anyone who does not want to worry about making sure they maximize their Bells earnings can bypass that part of the game using a bit of real world currency, while others can still get the Bells needed for everything they want.

Premium currency only items

Few things will enrage more fans more than items that can only be purchased using premium currency.

Villager gacha

Thanks to Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo is no stranger to gacha games. So they might be inclined to make the latest Animal Crossing game have a gacha system for villagers. Players could pull a random ticket with the face of a villager, and that will move to their village. That does not seem like much of a stretch, but it is something that feels like a violation of the spirit of Animal Crossing.

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