Here’s Some of What is Coming Up From Nexon

Nexon logo

Thanks to Fantasy War Tactics, HIT, and DomiNations, Korean developer and publisher Nexon has become one of the most recognizable names in mobile gaming. The company has recently released the strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Legend of CaoCao and the strategy RPG Master of Eternity. Because the mobile gaming scene is constantly moving, Nexon has several upcoming games that are currently being worked on.
Worth noting is that most of the titles on this list are available in either in the publisher’s native Korea or other markets. Gamers looking to try these games before they go global should be try to download the game’s from regions other than Korea if possible. While Nexon’s games in Southeast Asia and Oceania will be available in English, its Korean titles will often only be available in Korean. Also of note is the fact that just because a game is in its soft launch phase does not always mean it will see a global release. Nexon’s release of Dragon Nest 2: Legend was canceled after the game was already available in a number of markets but before its global launch.

MapleStory M

After a public closed beta test that let gamers have a brief look at the world of Maple on their smartphones, MapleStory M is likely to be Nexon’s most anticipated upcoming mobile game. It offers a lot of what gamers familiar with the PC MMORPG might expect: action focused gameplay, lots of gear options, and a lot of familiar faces. Being a uniquely mobile outing, MapleStory M also features auto play and automatic quest pathfinding. Gamers who have tried the game’s closed beta should know that progress has been reset and that the beta offered players a lot more boosts and premium currency than the full launch is slated to.

MapleStory M Gameplay

Mabinogi Mobile

While shooters are undergoing a revival on mobile thanks to a whole bunch of new battle royale titles and the recently release Shadowgun Legends, mobile MMORPGs have remained relatively quiet. Mabinogi could be just the game to shake things up. Nexon and DevCAT Studio’s upcoming mobile MMO promises gamers plenty of social elements, combat, and deep character customization and growth.

Durango: Wild Lands

Already available in Korea, Nexon’s Durango: Wild Lands is a dinosaur filled survival game. Players are able to craft, build homes, develop a range of skills, and take down and tame a variety of dinosaurs they come across. The game’s Korean release has negative user reviews as a result of a mixture of bugs, connectivity issues, and non-Korean users complaining about the lack of a global launch. While the game was in beta, it offered quite a few gameplay options and while it had its issues with bugs and latency, it was mostly a smooth experience. The competition has stepped up its game since the release of Durango, with Last Day on Earth and the upcoming mobile version of ARK: Survival Evolved offering players much of what Durango offers. Will Durango pull millions of gamers into its world of crafting and dinosaurs? Or has time passed it by?

MapleStory Blitz

Already available in Oceania and parts of Southeast Asia, MapleStory Blitz is a lane based strategy card game. Players collect and build decks using a selection of cards from the world of Maple and then deploy them in head to head matches. The gameplay concept has been used quite a bit since the launch of Clash Royale, but MapleStory Blitz does have an increased focus on deck building, some control scheme variations, and more features that set it apart from the leader in genre.


Last on the list is Returners, a new hero collection game that adds a hint of strategy to the basic hero collection RPG formula. Players still collect and power up a variety of characters and take them into battle in various PVE and PVP modes. The twist? Returners lets players control the strategy their AI controlled heroes use. Want them to focus on the enemy group’s tank? that’s an option. Want to focus on their glass cannon dps? that’s also an option. That adds a new facet to the typical gacha game formula. Returners is already available in Oceania and parts of Southeast Asia.

Other upcoming Nexon games

The five games listed above are some of the more interesting titles Nexon has coming up, but the prolific publisher has other games in the works too. Nova Wars is a sci-fi card/strategy game that shares many similarities with other games in the genre. Tango 5 is an interesting team based strategy shooter that is currently available in Korea and the Philippines. The company recently wrapped up a beta test for an upcoming Power Rangers RPG not too long ago. Finally, Gigantic Shock will pit teams of heroes against, as one might guess, gigantic creatures.