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The New Trailer for CHUCHEL Is All Kinds of Wacky

The people behind a few of the more unique adventure games out there, Machinarium, Bontanicula, and the Samorost series have a new game coming out. CHUCHEL (all caps), has players helping a cute walking ball of hair save his cherry. Moving right past the innuendo, the game offers a wacky art style and creative character design. CHUCHEL is sheduled for release on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac in early 2018.

Amanita Design is game development studio based in the Czech Republic. The studio began in 2003 with the release of Samorost, and followed that up with Machinarium, Botanicula, Samorost 2 and Samorost 3. Amanita Design’s games have been on a wide variety of platforms, with Machinarium being released on just about every platform imaginable including the Playstation Vita, Blackberry Playbook, and Nintendo Wii, and Windows Phone.

Here is a description of the game couresty of Amanita Design, and the official trailer:

Help Chuchel to chase down the mysterious villain and retrieve his cherished
cherry! Outsmart the Pool Monster, escape frenzied Pac-Men and master the bird race. Join forces with Chuchel’s buddy
Kekel and show the mischievous Chrchel that stealing cherries is wrong.

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