The Weekly Roundup: September 22, 2017

The Weekly Roundup

Here are 10 new Android games released in the past week you should be aware of. This has been a great week for new releases, with a very strong lineup of both free and paid games.

Terra Battle 2

Mistwalker Corp. has released the sequel to 2014’s gacha RPG Terra Battle this week. With over 370,000 pre-registration this is one of the most anticipated new Android games around. Terra battle 2 feature’s the same tile based combat system as the first game but adds a number of new features. Each story stage now has a map that players must navigate, complete with monster encounters and loot to collect. Terra Battle 2 is free to play with in app purchases. Here’s a trailer:

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Spirit of Justice

This week, Capcom has released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice on Android & iOS. The title is quite a mouthful, so they have shortened it to simply Spirit of Justice. Players will need to examine evidence, interview witnesses, solve the mysteries, and fight it out in court as they explore the game’s cases. Spirit of Justice is priced at $19.99 with no ads or in app purchases.

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ExoGears 2 is a new mech combat game from Zombot Studio. Gamers get to customize their mech with hundreds of parts and upgrades and then fight it out in 1 on 1 or 2 vs 2 PVP battles. There are guilds, new environments to discover, and more. ExoGears 2 is free with ads and IAPs.

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Cybersphere Online

Cybersphere Online is a twin-stick shooter where players take control of a turret, robot, or other heavily armed character and wreck havoc on their enemies. The game advertises a nice selection of guns to choose from, AI companions you can take along for the ride, controller support, and online multiplayer with up to 8 users. Cybersphere Online is free to play with ads and in app purchases.

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Stormbound Kingdoms

Publisher Kongregate’s latest release has finally wrapped up its beta and soft-launch phases and is ready for a global launch. Stormbound Kingdoms, a PVP card strategy game features a striking art style alongside its turn-based gameplay.

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Officially called Teon – No pay-to-win ARPG on Google Play, this game promises a fun balanced action-RPG experience without the constant need to buy stuff. This is a game that will definitely remind people of old-school PC RPGs like Diablo and Lineage. That isn’t to say that Teon is anywhere near those games in terms of quality, but the visual similarities are instantly recognizable.

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Flora and the Darkness

Flora and the Darkness is a platformer from 1Der Entertainment. The game is a runner with 21 different levels to jump through. This might not be the most groundbreaking new Android games, but it is definitely a game that is worth a look for fans of Rayman’s mobile outings. Flora and the Darkness is free with ads and IAPs.

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Infinite Temple

Infinite Temple gameplay

Infinite Temple is a simple arcade game from NFLY Studio, the folks behind Infinite Stairs and Infinite Trains. Players are tasked with collecting artifacts and coins as they dodge traps and other nasty things that will instantly kill them. It’s a simple but addicting game with a fun Indiana Jones vibe. Infinite Temple is free, with ads and IAPs.

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Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story

Plug In Digital’s follow up to A Normal Lost phone arrived on Android this week. Players investigate Laura’s phone as they attempt to piece togather the mystery behind her disappearance. You will need to examine her friends, contacts, social life, pictures and more as you dig through her smartphone. Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story is $3.99, without ads or IAPs. If you haven’t played the original, A Normal Lost Phone is currently on sale for $0.99 (down from $2.99).

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Pokemon Playhouse

The last entry on this list is not technically one of this week’s new Android games. The Pokémon Company has released Pokémon Playhouse on Google Play. It’s an app (not listed as a game) with a target audience of children that are under 5 years old. The app has various activities that introduce children to the world of Pokémon. From raising a Pokémon from an egg, to grooming and identifying Pokémon shaped constellations. The app’s trailer states that it has 50+ creatures to collect. There are also Pokémon story-books that kids can listen to. The app is free without ads or in app purchases.

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