Netmarble’s Phantomgate soft launches and opens pre-registration


Netmarble has begun the rollout for their latest game, Phantomgate. The soft launch has begun in Australia. Here is a description of the game from their Google Play listing,

• Explore lush, Nordic-inspired landscapes while unlocking the magical powers hidden deep within the ancient world.
• Help unravel the story of Astrid’s mysterious past as you uncover an unforgettable, emotional tale.
• Solve puzzles to unlock long-forgotten secrets as you journey across the 6 regions of Midgard, from icy tundras to deep forests.
• Engage in epic combat against Odin’s dark forces! Strategically drag buff bubbles to teammates and enemies alike to turn the tide of battle in this unique twist on classic turn-based RPG combat.
• Collect over 300 unique Phantom companions to fight alongside you. Choose how your Phantoms evolve into powerful new forms with special elemental items. Choose what will shape your adventure, your Phantoms, and help save the land of Midgard!

Phantomgate gameplay

If you’re in Australia and want to be among the first to play the game, you can get it now on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

Apart from the unique aesthetic, Phantomgate appears to be a gacha game, with the description touting over 300 heroes to collect. It also mentions puzzles, epic boss fights, strategic PVP, and more. If you’re interested in the game you’re in luck. Netmarble have opened up pre-registration for the game on its official site. So if you are interested in some extra swag when the game launches, head on over to