NBA 2K Companion App MyNBA2K19 Now on Android

MyNBA2K19 has arrived ahead of next month’s launch of NBA 2K19 on consoles. The companion app gives players a chance to scan their faces for use in 2K19 and earn some VC (virtual currency) that they can use in the console game. Of course there’s also the card game that is MyNBA2K.

Like its predecessors, MyNBA2K19 is a card game that lets players collect cards featuring some of the NBA’s biggest players and then battle in a range of different modes.

The game is largely the same as the previous year’s entry. Players will still be able to play quick games, rival clash events, go through gauntlet events, and complete daily missions. New to 2K19 is the ability to invite friends into the game’s 2 on 2 mode and the chance to play Reigning Threes at any time. Of course there are also a bunch of new players for gamers to collect, 2K19 has added 400+ new cards.

The reason that many players download MyNBA2K is still a core part of the game. Players can use the mobile app to earn virtual currency that they can use in NBA 2K19 on consoles. They will also be able to scan their face using their phone and then integrate it into 2K19 on Xbox One or PS4.

MyNBA2K19 is free and contains in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the card game on Google Play.

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