Muse Dash Review: Tap To The Beat

Muse Dash review

The Basics

  • Name: Muse Dash
  • Developer: PeroPero Games
  • Genre: Music & Rhythm
  • Price: $2.99 ($1.99 launch promo price)

The Details

  • Installed size: 427 mb
  • Best played in short-medium sessions
  • Minor bugs experienced
  • Playable Offline: Yes

What is Muse Dash?

Muse Dash is a new music and rhythm game that looks like a runner at first glance. The game has players tap to the rhythm as they smash, bash and dodge their way across each of the game’s stages. With simple controls, crisp colorful graphics, PeroPero’s rhythm runner really stands out from other mobile music games and runners.

Muse Dash’s controls are simple, players tap on one side of the screen to attack enemies on the ground, or the other side of the screen to attack airborne enemies and dodge obstacles. As with any rhythm game, timing impacts the player’s score, and enough misses mean game over. Those looking for a more challenging experience will be glad to know that Muse Dash has multiple difficulty levels and can give users a tough time as the difficulty ramps up. Perfectionists can tweak the game’s audio synchronization in order to make sure the music timing is just right on their device.

The game has 30 tracks that generally have a pop feel to them, though players shouldn’t expect anything recognizable. On top of the playlist there are multiple unlockable characters and pets, as well as different stage backdrops and bosses to take on.

Muse Dash gameplay


Muse Dash is a fun game that’s definitely worth a few bucks, but it’s far from perfect. The game’s catchy soundtrack, vibrant graphics and seamless combination of the runner and rhythm genres make it easy to recommend. However a few bugs, simple gameplay, and some design decisions keep it from being a classic.

The game’s biggest selling point is the first thing players will notice in the game’s trailer: great graphics, creative character design, and catchy music to tap along to. That holds true for the game as players unlock a variety of different characters to take on the game’s whimsical enemies and bosses. The gameplay fits in well as players unleash their character’s attacks with a well timed tap that will send an enemy flying.

That basic gameplay mechanic can get a little repetitive over time though. Players are limited to tapping (or tapping and holding) on either side of the screen to unleash their attacks, and that two virtual button control scheme can start to feel stale after a while. Add to that a cumbersome achievement system that’s used to gain levels which help unlock characters and stages, and the game starts to feel a little less than perfect. The game’s bugs are relatively minor, with a common screen filter issue and an aspect ratio bug that leads to the score screen being cut-off on some devices.

At this time Muse Dash is a fun rhythm game with a catchy soundtrack. It might not have the depth or lengthy tracklist that some titles in the genre have, but the game offers players a unique experience that’s absolutely worth the price of admission. The game’s bugs and tracklist are likely to improve over time as the game receives more updates.

Creative and a lot of fun
Available on Google Play
Note: This review reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.