Latest MU Origin Update Adds Mounts and a new PVP mode

MU Origin

Webzen has released a major update for MU Origin, a brawler style MMORPG based on its popular PC MMORPG, bringing the game’s version number up to a round 3.0 and adding a number of new features.

The new update has added mounts to the game for the first time. Unlike some titles, mounts in MU Origin are not purely about speed. Instead, the newly added mounts can boost a player’s stats and even add a unique combat skill depending on the mount a player is using.

Part of the game’s ongoing content expansion, there are two new areas that have been added in the latest update, a dungeon and an all-server area. The new dungeon, Infernal Canyon, is a 5 person dungeon that lets players team up with friends and allies from other servers.

The update has also added a new PVP mode, Server Assault. This is a limited time mode that lets players invade other servers in search of loot. The new mode is only available at a designated time on Sundays and will last for 13 weeks.

As with most patches, there are various minor improvements and bug fixes that are part of the latest MU Origin update

While players of the global version of MU Origin are trying out the big update to the game, South Korean users already have access to the game’s sequel. MU Origin 2 made its debut in Korea earlier this year.

MU Origin is free and contains in app purchases. It’s available on Google Play and here’s a trailer with a look at the latest major update:

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