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The Best Mobile Battle Royale Games

The battle royale genre consists of games that put a large number of players on a map until there’s only one person left standing. The concept entered pop culture with Battle Royale, a Japanese novel that featured junior-high students that were put on an island and forced to kill one another until a single survivor emerges. The novel was later adapted into a manga series and a movie. The battle royale concept was also the main component of the wildly popular Hunger Games franchise.

Battle royale games are typically online third person shooters. Players are dropped on an island, or other map type, and are given one goal: survive. They typically need to find weapons and equipment as they try to be the last player alive. Because battle royale modes do not offer respawns as an option, players have to be cautious about how they approach each match. Being aggressive could yield some good gear, but it could also lead to a game over screen.

As with all shooters, controls for mobile battle royale games are rarely perfect. There are 3 actions that shooters often expect players to be able to do at the same time: aim, move, and shoot. That’s extremely difficult on touchscreen devices, so a lot of games opt to take control of one or more of these actions out of the hands of the players. Some shooters rely on auto aiming, others limit movement, while others auto-fire anytime a player is aiming at a target. Keep that in mind when looking for an Android battle royale game. As of right now there is one officially licensed mobile version of PUBG available on Android, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile. Many of the other games on this list attempt to cash in on the genre that PUBG helped grow, but they are not affiliated with the game.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has helped popularize the battle royale game genre, turning it into something players love and crave. Whenever a genre’s popularity explodes, there are always new games that popup that try to get in on the action. The battle royale genre is no different. There are a number of mobile games that have attempted to be the go to mobile battle royale game, and there are more coming. These are 5 games that are worth a look if you’re looking for a mobile PUBG-like experience:

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is NetEase Games’ 100 person battle royale game. Players parachute onto an island where they have to find supplies, weapons, and gear in order to defeat the 99 other players. The map gradually shrinks, encouraging more player encounters. Players also have ample opportunities to find vehicles that will help them quickly get to where the action is (or run away from the action). The game features a number of control schemes, and “shoot” buttons on both sides of the screen, giving players more flexibility. Most recently Rules of Survival has added a first-person view, helping seperate itself from other mobile BR games. Rules of Survival is free and contains in app purchases. Check out Survivor Royale on Google Play.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the real deal. An officially licensed mobile game based on PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. It offers gamers exactly what they might expect from PUBG. A large map to play on, filled with different buildings, vehicles and gear. Players will need to use their wits and shooting skills if they hope to be the last person standing. Tencent has been actively working on the game post launch, including a 0.5.0 PUBG Mobile patch which added a new map and lots more. Soon after the 0.6.0 update added a first person view, emotes, new character models, and several other improvements. PUBG Mobile is free and contains in app purchases. Check out PUBG Mobile on Google Play.

Black Survival

While the rest of this list is dominated by games that attempt to be PUBG on Android, Black Survival takes an entirely different approach. Black Survival is a mix of survival and battle royale, where players are placed on an island and have be the last one standing, but they also need to make sure they stay hydrated. The game takes a more visual novel approach to the genre, with the action mostly taking place behind the scenes. Players will need to constantly search the island for ingredients to craft new weapons and other gear in the hope of defeating their opponents. Unlike other games in the genre, Black Survival has set playable characters that have their own strengths and weaknesses. Black Survival is free and contains in app purchases. Check out Black Survival on Google Play.

Black Survival gameplay

Rules of Survival

NetEase Games’ second mobile battle royale game is much like the first. 120 players are dropped on an island, and they calmly discuss things until one is declared the victor. Of course by discuss I mean shoot, and by things I mean each other. Rules of Survival is free and contains in app purchases. Check out Rules of Survival on Google Play.

Last Battleground: Survival

Elex, the company behind Magic Rush: Heroes and a number of other mobile games, has dipped its toe into the battle royale waters with Last Battleground: Survival. The game has matches for 48 (up from 32) players that spawn without weapons and have to use whatever they can find. As the game progresses the map becomes increasingly more dangerous, in order to herd players into the same area, speeding up the game. Last Battleground: Survival is free and contains in app purchases. Check out Last Battleground: Survival on Google Play.

Other Android battle royale games

There are also other battle royale games in the works. Epic Games is working on releasing a mobile version of their popular 100 person shooter Fornite Battle Royale. The game is already available on iOS, and an Android version is coming but a release date has not been announced. NetEase Games had run beta and alpha tests for their own take on a mobile version of Fornite with FortCraft as well as the more sci-fi leaning Project Battle. The tests have ended and it is unknown when FortCraft and Project Battle will have their global launches.