Pre-Registration Now Available for MMX Hill Dash 2

MMX Hill Dash 2

Hutch Games has opened up pre-registration for the sequel to one of its incredibly popular racing games. Gamers can now sign up to be notified when MMX Hill Dash 2 launches on Google Play. The sequel brings back much of the physics driven, high flying, head to head arcade style racing of the first game while introducing players to some off-road action.

As with the first game, MMX Hill Dash 2 gives players the chance to race across a variety of hilly tracks while managing their gas and break pedals. There are multiple race surfaces, PVP, lots of upgrade options, and of course plenty of tracks to race on. There are also 100s of challenges and lots of vehicles to choose from. Players will have ample opportunities to get some air time and will need to use their break and gas pedals to balance their vehicle in the air in the hope of a smooth landing.

The game is already in its soft launch phase and it’s available to mobile gamers in the Netherlands and New Zealand.

MMX Hill Dash 2 will be free and it will contain ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:


  • Complete challenging off-road racing trials
  • Upgrade your trucks, go big on tires, boost your speed and get more grip
  • Strap in for some fast PVP action, take on your friends in 4WD race offs
  • Climb to the top and be the best MMX driver ever
  • Crank up the action with custom upgrades, tracks and hard courses
  • Loads of awesome monster trucks to race

Interested? Check out the racing game on Google Play.

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