Mind Construct Is an Arcade Game with a Story

Mind Construct

Chicago based developer Studio Rouleau has released a new arcade game. Mind Construct has players pick up green crosses and other shapes strewn around the game board and bring them back to the center. The process is made more difficult by constantly moving objects that players are not allowed to touch, and further complicating things is the fact that players only have a limited amount of time before the game board becomes too hectic to move on. That means that players will need to decide whether they want to play it safe and bank any objects they have collected, or take a risk and try to collect as many items as possible before time runs out.

Mind Construct’s simple gameplay resembles a digital version of the classic Jacks / Knucklebones game that many gamers have played as kids. This time around, it also comes with a story. Players are collecting objects in order to recover their memories, find out who they are, and what happened to Earth.

Mind Construct is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

The game features:

  • Unique skill-based gameplay: Collect memories and avoid the barriers of your mind!
  • A rich sci-fi story: Discover who you are… and the fate of the Earth!
  • Mesmerizing levels: Each level is hand-crafted with beautiful colors and patterns.
  • Instant-play: Incredibly easy to learn, with the first tap of the screen the game begins!
  • Entrancing Music: With theatrical quality music, playing is a tranquil and relaxing experience.

Interested? Check out the arcade game on Google Play.

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