2D Arena Brawler Mayhem Combat Officially Launches on Android

Mayhem Combat

Real Boxing Developer Vivid Games has officially launched its arena fighting game Mayhem Combat on Android.

Mayhem Combat is a 2D brawler with both single and a few multiplayer modes for those looking for some PVP action. The game’s single player mode has players go from stage to stage defeating enemies and bosses without much of a story while the online multiplayer modes include real time 1 vs 1 battles, 3 character tag battles, and free for all.

The game features 12 different upgradeable characters that battle across the game’s 12 interactive stages. Battles are a mix of bashing your opponent with whatever you might have on hand at the moment and luring them into some of the stages traps and using the environment as a weapon.

Mayhem Combat has actually been available on Android for a while now (as far back as February in some regions) but today’s official launch has added a new Mayhem Royale mode, a unique move for each of the game’s 12 characters, and several fixes and minor changes. Inspired by battle royale games, the new Mayhem Royale mode is a 10 person free-for-all that tries to add a lot more action to the mix.

Best known for the Real Boxing series, Polish developer Vivid Games most recently launched isometric shooter Space Pioneer which has had a very positive reception among gamers with a 4.8 star rating on Google Play. The company is currently working on Gravity Rider: Power Run, a motorcycle racing game that’s in its soft launch phase right now and available in several countries that include Canada, Australia and Sweden.

Mayhem Combat is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

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