Nexon’s MapleStory M Crosses the 3 Million Downloads Mark

MapleStory M

Nexon has announced the MapleStory M has passed 3 million global downloads across all platforms a week after the game’s global launch.

Along with three million downloads across all platforms, the game is currently among the top 10 grossing games on Google Play in a large portion of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malasia, Singapore, and Philippines. It’s currently the top grossing game on Google Play in Singapore.

The new mobile RPG ranks significantly higher in SEA nations than other parts of the world. It is currently #39 in the United States, #203 in Germany, #145 in the United Kingdom, #54 in Canada, and #66 in Sweden among the top grossing games on Google Play.

Ranking among the top grossing games on Google Play is an indicator of revenue, and not of profitability or long term success. Games often see temporary increases in the amount of paying users and money spent during events and shortly after an anticipated game launch. Publishers may also increase the amount spent on user acquisition (ads) as a way of getting more users and more revenue.

That three million downloads figure includes downloads during the game’s soft launch phase. MapleStory M originally launched in a number of markets including Canada, Australia, and parts of Southeast Asia before expanding globally. During that time it had accumulated a portion of the 3 million, though the exact numbers have not been disclosed.

Along with more than 3 million downloads, MapleStory M also has very low 3.4 star rating on Google Play. This is in large part a result of an extended maintenance that delayed the game’s launch even as it was available for download through Google Play. Other users have complained about the game’s servers being full, bugs, poor controls, and pay to win elements. Some of these issues were discussed as part of Android Sloth’s impressions of the game shortly after it launched.

To celebrate the milestone Nexon is giving MapleStory M players free experience tickets, health potions, mana potions, and other items. The celebratory giveaway is set to run until August 10, 2018.

MapleStory M is available on Google Play.