MapleStory Blitz Will Be Getting a Reboot

MapleStory Blitz

While MapleStory M has surpassed 3 million downloads a week after its global launch, Nexon has decided that it’s time for MapleStory Blitz to take a step back.

MapleStory Blitz is a head-to-head strategy game starring characters and monsters from the world of Maple. It had players summon creatures on to one of the game’s three lanes and try to take down their opponent in quick matches. The game is available to gamers in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, and has accumulated more than 100,000 downloads through Google Play in those regions. It will continue to run for the foreseeable future but will not receive any more updates.

In an unusually detailed post on one of the game’s social platforms, the game’s development team has announced that they will be rebooting MapleStory Blitz rather than simply shutting it down. The announcement listed difficulty, user experience, balance, and long-term motivating factors as among the reasons for the decision. The team is moving away from the current version of the game in order to concentrate on making changes and improvements for the reboot, which is expected to be quite different from the version players are used to.

Games being shut down, even during their soft launch phases, is a common occurrence. Nexon itself has shut down, announced the impending shut down, or transferred service of three of its games in the past few months. Closures usually come with little more than a clear shutdown timetable, an apology, and a thank you to the game’s fans. Reboots and retools such as the one MapleStory Blitz will undergo are rare.

The most recent similar announcement was made after the disastrous launch of One Piece Bounty Rush. Bandai Namco’s 3 vs 3 brawler was shut down shortly after its launch due to a myriad of bugs, technical issues, and other problems. The April 10, 2018 shut down was classified as a long-term maintenance, and in the latest update regarding the game’s status, Namco Bandai has stated that Bounty Rush is now scheduled to relaunch this winter.

Android gamers can still download the MapleStory Blitz on Google Play.

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