Strategy RPG Man or Vampire Is Going Global

Man or Vampire

Rogue Life developer Hidea is bringing its new strategy RPG Man or Vampire to the world and pre-registration for the game is now up on Google Play with gamers in one country outside of South Korea already gaining access the game.

Man or Vampire is a turn-based strategy RPG mixed together with dungeon crawling and hero collection elements. The game puts the players in control of a team of “colleagues” as they try to go from the entrance of each level to the exit. Along the way players will encounter monsters that they will either need to battle or sneak past in order to make it to the exit.

The game does not play like The Alchemist Code or other Final Fantasy Tactics style SRPG. Instead players designate a leader and the rest of the team follows him or her as they navigate each stage. That means players have significantly less control over unit positioning before they engage enemies. Man or Vampire’s story is set up around trying to become the king of Paradise, a world that could soon fall if a king does not step forward to save it.

The game was originally released in South Korea earlier this year and is currently also available in the Philippines as part of its soft launch.

Man or Vampire will be free and contain in app purchases. Here’s some Korean gameplay footage with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the upcoming RPG on Google Play.

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