Level Creation Focused Platformer Magicats Builder Officially Launched

Magicats Builder

Dreamz Studio has officially launched its new level creation focused action platformer Magicats Builder on Android, iOS and Steam.

Billed as a 2D sandbox platformer, Magicats Builder lets players create, play, and share their own custom levels using the game’s built in level creation engine. Unlike the recently released Animal Super Squad, Magicats Builder’s mobile version includes its level editor. Those looking to learn about the level editor prior to building their own stages can try out the game’s adventure mode which teaches some of the skills needed to use the level creation engine, including some basic coding techniques and mastery of the game’s interface.

Those more focused on playing rather than creating levels can try out some of the levels created by the Magicats community. Levels can be sorted by featured, newest, best rated, and most difficult. The game itself is a mixture of 2D platforming and combat as players have the option to take on the game’s many enemies.

The game was already available as while in beta on Google Play (though not part of Google Play’s Early Access program) and as an Early Access Title on Steam. During its mobile beta test the game’s Google Play reviews have taken a sizable hit due to players experiencing technical issues. Games in beta are generally part of Google Play’s Early Access program, are labeled “unreleased”, and do not allow users to leave public reviews. Those games instead allow users to submit user feedback to the developers through Google Play without making that feedback visible to the public.

Magicats Builder was previously known as Crazy Dreamz: Magicats Edition but was renamed in May in order to better reflect the importance of the building aspect of the game and because shorter titles are easier to remember.

Magicats Builder is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new platformer on Google Play.

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