Try to Create Thriving Dungeons in Lord of Dungeons – Now on Android

Lord of Dungeons

Before mobile gamers around the world can try to become the Lord of Dice later this month, Two Hand Games have launched what they are calling a “dungeon management simulation game” on Android and iOS. Lord of Dungeons has players take up the role of a dungeon manager who has his signs on creating some of the busiest and most popular dungeons in the world. Why? Money, of course. Players will need to explore regions, take out monsters, scout new dungeons, and make sure to maximize every money making opportunity.

In practical terms, Lord of Dungeons is a simulation game with gacha hero (or companion) collection. Players collect and power up their companions and then send them off to either explore, fight, or park them in a dungeon depending on their category. Players do not have any input on the actual combat or exploration beyond picking their explorer or team, though they do get to watch fights as they play out.

As players expand their dungeon network and begin to earn more money, they always have the option to invest that money back into their town. That might give them increased earnings over time in exchange for a lump some upfront, the ability to craft new items, the ability to recruit new companions, or more depending on what they choose to invest in. Players can also choose to take on the dungeons of other players, join guilds, and even buy and sell goods in the game’s auction house.

Players who create their in game account between now and February 7th 15:00 (UTC) will receive the following free items:

  • 1 Master CBT Ticket (summons a master combat companion)
  • 5 Companion Tickets (summons random companions)
  • 300 Jewels (the game’s premium currency)

Lord of Dungeons is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Unique Genre
  • Brand New Dungeon & Town Management Game

  • Economic System
  • The law of supply and demand is actually working in the game

  • Management
  • Dungeons and towns are waiting for you to be ruled

  • Capture Monsters
  • Your favorite monsters are working for you.

  • Free Trade
  • You can trade your resources to earn more money via Auction

  • Arena
  • Challenge yourself in the arena to reveal you are the true ruler of the world

Interested? Check out the dungeon management game on Google Play.

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