Lord of Dice Tips: How To Power Up Dicers

How to reroll in Lord of Dice

Lord of Dice is a new gacha RPG that might not feel quite as familiar or intuitive as some other gacha games. So here are some Lord of Dice tips and tricks that help explain some of the game’s systems. If you are looking on a quick guide on rerolling, it is available here.


  • Dicers are your summoned heroes, you take 6 of them into battle.
  • Each belongs to one of 6 classes: Melee, Sniper, Hurricane/Whirlwind, Piercer, Mage, Bomber
  • Class determines a dicer’s attack range.
  • The number of tiles that a dicer can take is determined when the dicer is summoned. Many dicers will have their move number set between 1 and 5, while others might have smaller ranges. That means that even two copies of the same dicer might not be identical.
  • Each dicer will belong to one of three dice types: D4 (pyramid), D6(cube), D10. Some dicers will be double D4, or double D6, that only impacts their rolls in dice battles.
  • Dicers can be leveled up, evolved, and awakened, each of those things will increase their combat abilities.
  • You can level up dicers by either using them in the Infinity Tower or by selecting the level up option and sacrificing special exp dicers. Normal dicers cannot be sacrificed for experience.
  • Exp dicers can be obtained from certain Infinity Tower stages or from the exp material daily dungeon.
  • Exp dicers will give bonus exp to dicers with the same dice type.
  • Not all dicers are created equal, some 4 star dicers can be awakened into their final form (rainbow stars, new art, etc.), others cannot. You can see which dicers have more growth opportunities in the index (dicers -> index).

Dicer evolution

  • Evolving a dicer increases the number of his or her stars. Before evolution the dicer must have reached the level cap.
  • Evolution requires either an evolution star or a combination of evolution materials and money.
  • Evolution stars are rare but a few will be obtained early on as event or mission rewards
  • Evolution materials come in tiers and can be obtained in the Infinity Tower, in material dungeons or the shop.
  • After you evolve a dicer his or her level does not reset


In Lord of Dice cubes are essentially loot boxes. They can contain a number of rewards and players will need to open them using premium currency, or by waiting until their timer runs out. Some cubes may have a chance of giving you a dicer, but those chances are quite low. You can increase your rewards by using clovers when opening a cube. Clovers will give you an extra item in the “lucky” slot, which have a better chance of giving you something worthwhile.

Lord of Dice cubes

Cubes can be obtained from Infinity Tower stages, missions, events, dimension rewards, and from the shop. Players can farm the game’s basic cubes from the final stage of each floor of the Infinite Tower. Cubes available for raid tokens and medals are quite cheap and should be purchased whenever possible.


  • Awakening increases a dicer’s combat abilities.
  • Awakening requires a sacrifice of dicers and a a certain amount of memory powder.
  • Memory powder can be obtained by breaking down dicers
  • Dicers with more stars will give you a higher chance of success
  • Awakening Jelly can be used in place of normal dicers. Awakening Jelly will give you a 100% chance of success, while Awakening Jelly shards will give the same chance of success as a normal dicer.
  • Using a duplicate of the dicer you are trying to awaken will always have a 100% chance of success, even if the duplicate is just a 4 star version of that dicer.
  • A duplicates is required to limit break a dicer (take it from 6 purple stars to 6 rainbow stars), so keep that in mind before using a duplicate dicer for any other awakening.