Lord of Dice Review: A Surprisingly Deep Gacha Game

Lord of Dice

The Basics

  • Name: Lord of Dice
  • From: NGEL Games and Kakao Games
  • Genre: RPG, Gacha
  • Price: Free with IAPs

The Details

  • Installed size: 860 mb
  • Best played in short-medium sessions
  • No bugs experienced
  • Playable Offline? No

What is Lord of Dice?

Lord of Dice is a hero collection gacha RPG that has made its way West. The game has players collect, power up, and evolve a variety of heroes called dicers and then take them into battle on maps that resemble game boards.

The gameplay in Lord of Dice involves players activating their dicers one at a time in order to make their move. Each dicer will move your character forward by a certain number of tiles, and it will attack any enemies within range. Dicers have different attack types and movement ranges, making team building an important aspect of the game.

Lord of Dice’s core gameplay mode is a single player story mode that has players climb the Infinite Tower with a few cut-scenes here and there. Outside of that there is a real time PVP mode, daily dungeons, co-op raids, and a few other modes. There are also a number of modes labeled as coming soon.

Lord of Dice Gameplay


At first glance it would be easy to dismiss Lord of Dice as just another gacha game and forget about it. However once you delve into the game and some of the systems at play it becomes clear that the game has a lot of depth.

In Lord of Dice players will constantly need to make decisions as to where they want to end up on the game board. Tiles might have boosts, treasure, or traps on them. While avoiding a trap might seem like a good idea, landing on a trap tile might also give your character perfect range for an attack. It is a constant trade-off that requires thought and strategy.

Unfortunately, much of that strategy becomes unnecessary as Lord of Dice makes the same mistake that many mobile RPGs make. The game is simply too easy early on. Players are given a powerful dicer and enough premium currency for a 10+1 dicer summon soon after starting, if they’re lucky (or if they reroll), that is enough to build a formidable team and roll through most early stages. That strips the game of much of its difficulty and strategy. Combined with a story that is mostly window dressing, Lord of Dice starts off slow.

Overall, Lord of Dice is absolutely worth your time if you enjoy hero collection games. It has deeper than expected gameplay and a lot of different heroes to collect. Unfortunately the game is not very challenging early on. As one might expect from a game with dice in the name, it also has a lot of luck elements to it. There are literal dice rolls that help determine the outcome of some battles, the gacha system, and even loot crates. Thankfully loot crates only play a minor role in the game. Lord of Dice is one of the better hero collection games out there, but it likely won’t sway those that have something against gacha games.

Fun with deep gameplay mechanics
Available on Google Play
Note: This review reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.