A Look Back at 6 of the Biggest Games Released at the End of March

One Piece Bounty Rush

The last week of March saw the releases of six new major releases. Some were brand new, some were released in English for the first time, while others were in their soft launch phases for a long time. Let’s take a look at what has happened to these games since then and how well they have been received by Android users.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

Downloads: Over 500,000
Worldwide launch without a soft launch. The Japanese version of the game has a separate Google Play listing but was released simultaneously with the game’s global launch.
Rating: 2.7 (18,261 ratings)
Bandai Namco’s new team focused 4 on 4 brawler was released on Android and gamers responded with overwhelmingly negative reviews. Why? because a large number of users experienced crashes, bugs, and game breaking glitches. It shows that it doesn’t matter how popular the brand is if the game is unplayable for many users.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Downloads: Over 500,000
Worldwide English release after an earlier release in Japan. The previously released Japanese version of the game has a separate listing on Google Play.
Rating: 3.7 (12,792 ratings)
Bandai Namco’s other game released in the same week did not fare much better. SAO:IF had many of the same issues as Bounty Rush, namely that crashes, connection issues, and other bugs were a frequent annoyance for gamers. Though on the bright side a lot of people did seem to like the underlying game.

MARVEL Strike Force

Downloads: Over 1,000,000
Worldwide launch after a lengthy soft launch.
Rating: 4.2 (66,904 ratings)
After a soft launch that saw the game accumulate thousands of downloads, MARVEL Strike Force had its global launch and managed to attract plenty of attention. The newest Marvel hero collection RPG was well received by fans, thanks to its strong presentation and use of Marvel characters. Those that had trouble with the game often complained of long load times and bugs.

Chain Strike

Downloads: Over 100,000
Worldwide launch after first launching in Europe a week before the global launch.
Rating: 4.4 (13,802 ratings)
The latest hero collection game from Com2uS has received mostly positive reviews thanks to its gameplay mechanics and presentation. The game’s negative reviews mainly stem from the game’s low odds of drawing a strong character and general gacha game fatigue. Check out Android Sloth’s review of Chain Strike for more information.

DanMachi – Memoria Freese

Downloads: Over 50,000
Only launched in North America. A Japanese version of the game is also available and has a separate Google Play listing.
Rating: 3.7 (1,255 ratings)
The reason for DanMachi’s lack of downloads is most likely the fact it only launched in North America, skipping over large pockets of the Android gaming base in Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe. The negative reviews it has received primarily fall into two categories. The first is users who take issue with the game’s size, and the fact that it downloads a lot of data after players start the game. For reference, the game’s size exceeds 3 gigabytes, with most of it being downloaded while playing the game. The second category of negative reviews was users complaining about censorship. In its North American release the game ditched a feature that allowed users to tap on characters to interact with them. This is ultimately a fairly minor change, but dedicated fans often have strong reactions whenever they believe a game is being changed for the sake of localization. On the positive side, players thought the game was faithful to the source material and had a strong presentation. Check out Android Sloth’s review of DanMachi – Memoria Freese for more information about the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Downloads: Over 100,000
Global launch for regions outside of Asia and Oceania. The game has been out for a while for users in other regions, and has a separate Google Play listing for Southeast Asia & Oceania, Japan, and Korea.
Rating: 4.7 (11,566 ratings)
Gamers instantly took to Honkai Impact 3rd thanks primarily to its combat system, strong presentation, and overall smooth gameplay. The few negative reviews that the game has are primarily due to crashes. It should be noted that the game is significantly more popular than its download count would indicate because of separate versions for other parts of the world.


The biggest takeaway from these six games is clear: launching a buggy game will tank its ratings. That’s not a new idea, but it’s as true now as ever. While Bounty Rush and SAO:IF have had successful launches in terms of downloads, they have turned off many users and potential users thanks to crashes and game breaking glitches experienced by many users. It is particularly clear how big of a role glitches have played in the ratings given to the two games when comparing them to their more stable iOS counterparts. SAO:IF currently has a 4.3 rating on iOS compared to a 3.7 on Android, while Bounty Rush has a 3.5, compared to a 2.7 on Android.