Life is Strange Is Finally Available on Android

Life is Strange Android

Adventure game Life is Strange Android has arrived on Google Play. Life is Strange is a story driven adventure game that gives users opportunities to make choices that have real consequences on the game’s world and story.

An episodic game released over the course of nearly a year, the game follows Max Caulfield as she discovers her ability to rewind time. It is heavily story driven and the game’s narrative is strongly influenced by the choices that players make throughout the story. The game was originally released on home consoles and PC in 2015, earning positive reviews from critics and fans. The game’s free to play first episode holds an impressive 96% positive user reviews on Steam.

Life is Strange was developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, while the newly launched Android port (and already available iOS release) was handled by Black Wing Foundation (BWF). Mobile gamers may know BWF from the company’s work on the mobile port of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

All 5 episodes of Life is Strange are now available. As part of the port to Android, now includes controller support and has transitioned from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4. The Android version of the game also offers gamers a photo-mode, giving them a new way of looking at the game’s world. Players with low end devices might be out of luck, as the game’s developer recommends the use of a Samsung Galaxy S7 (or equivalent) and up for the Android version of the game.

Life is Strange is free to try and does not contain any ads. Here’s a trailer with an introduction to the game’s story:

Interested? Check out the episodic adventure game on Google Play.

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