Android Gamers Can Now Throw Spears at Viking Penguins In Lichtspeer


Prolific indie publisher Noodlecake Studios has a full slate of games that are coming to Android later this year, and one of them just hit the Google Play Store. Developed by Lichthund, Lichtspeer has players assume the role of a mythical hero that is out to rid the land of wurst zombies, viking penguins, hipster ice giants, walruses, and other enemies.

In practice Lichtspeer is an action-arcade game about judging the trajectory of one’s lightspear throw and making sure it hits the target before the target hits you. Players go through the game’s levels taking down a variety of creatively designed enemies on their way towards completing the campaign. On top of the simple spear throwing mechanics is a lot of style, humour, and plenty of opportunities to die a gruesome death.

Lichtspeer was originally released on PC and PS4 in 2016 and was later ported to the Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita, and most recently iOS. The PC version of the game currently has 80% positive reviews on Steam.

Lichtspeer is on sale for $1.99 as a launch promotion, down from its regular price of $3.99. It does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • 10 Upgradable Lichtpowers
  • 60+ Insane Levels
  • 6 Uber Boss Battles
  • Tons of unlockable achievements

Interested? Check out the spear throwing game on Google Play.

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