“Let Them Come” Brings An Alien Onslaught to Android

Let Them Come

Publisher Versus Evil released the mobile version of the Victorian era crime board game Antihero less than a week ago, but now they’re back with a new mobile release. Let Them Come is a 2D 16-bit shooter that is filled with pixel-art gore.

Developed by Tuatara Games, Let Them Come puts players in the boots of interstellar mercenary Rock Gunar as he tries to survive against an onslaught of aliens. Rock has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal that let him paint the walls red with the blood of his adversaries.

Let Them Come was originally released on PC, Xbox One, and Mac in October of 2017. On Steam the game enjoys an 85% positive user reviews. It was also released on PS4 in December 2017. Beyond slaughtering waves of aliens, the game features boss fights, unlockable mixtapes, leaderboards, and a customizable and upgradable weapon loadout.

Let Them Come is $1.99. Here is a trailer and an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:

Employed by Infini Corp to destroy the alien hordes that threaten to wipe out human existence Rock Gunar is humanity’s only hope as he faces wave upon wave of aliens, of all different kinds. Quick target acquisition, a solid arsenal of weapons and sheer brute tactics are essential to making it to the next wave of alien attackers. The action is fast, chaotic and relentless and all presented in a gloriously over the top palette of 16bit gore.

Interested? Check out the survival shooter on Google Play.

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