Legacy of Atlantis Pre-Registration Now Open

Legacy of Atlantis

There is no shortage of upcoming action RPGs with games like Rise of Ragnarok and Marvel Strike Force. Now you can add Valofe & NDOORS Legacy of Atlantis (LOA Mobile) to the list. Pre-registration for the game is now available with some rewards as an incentive.

The game takes place hundreds of years after the fall of the advanced continent of Atlantis. The world is in the midst of a war between humans and elves. The story serves as a way of setting up the game’s short missions where players and their AI controlled companions take on waves of enemies.

Outside of the game’s story mode missions players can try out Legacy Of Atlantis’ raids, PVP, and other modes. The co-op raids pit teams of players against epic enemies where they will need to be mindful of area of effect attacks and positioning if they hope to prevail. PVP is a standard no frills arena mode.

The game’s pre-registration campaign promises the following rewards:

  • 100 Harts, 100,000 Gold, Level 20 Achievement Box once the player reaches level 10.
  • 500 Harts, 500,000 Gold, Level 30 Achievement Box once the player reaches level 20.
  • 2000 Harts, 1,000,000 gold, Weapon Random Box once the player reaches level 30.

Harts are the game’s premium currency and gold is the basic currency. The rewards will be provided after launch, and it is unclear if they will be provided via a redeemable code or if they are something all players will be eligible for at launch.

Legacy of Atlantis will be free and contain in app purchases. It currently has a scheduled launch date of March 15th, 2018. Here’s some gameplay footage:

Interested? Check out the game’s official website on Google Play.

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