Applications Open for Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner Soft Launch

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner

Brave Frontier fans who don’t happen to be in one of the game’s soft launch regions and aren’t interested in using a VPN or downloading the game from a third party website are in luck. Gumi has opened up an applications for the Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner (BFTLS) soft launch for users outside of the current soft launch countries. Those that would prefer to get the game right away, here’s a guide on how you can download Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner using a VPN.

In a post on the game’s Facebook page the Japanese publisher announced that the wait for the game’s global release date will soon be over, and that users can now sign up for a chance to get into the ongoing soft launch.

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner’s soft launch started earlier this month and is currently open to users in the Philippines, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Set a thousand years after the events of Brave Frontier, the game tells the story of Brook, a young crystal harvester that will go on a quest that will delve into the tales of the last summoner. The Last Summoner is a standalone entry in the Brave Frontier universe, offering fans a new take on the game’s world. BFTLS gives gamers a chance to build large armies of collectible characters and take on a variety of monster filled stages. Though it is a turn based gacha game like its predecessors, the game offers an entirely different gameplay style. It also features more modern 2D visuals and a new combat user interface.

Brave Frontier is free to play and contains in app purchases. Gamers outside of the countries where the game is currently available can apply to be part of the BFTLS soft launch. Here’s a trailer with a look at the currently soft launched game:

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