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Made in Korea Humble Mobile Bundle Now Available

The newest Humble Mobile bundle is now up. This is your chance to pick up 7 Android games for as little as $5 (or more if you’re feeling generous). The games offered this week are all made in Korea. The games include the retro UFO shooting I.F.O, a game that brings back memories of the days of LCD handheld games like Game & Watch. The shooting action of the SilverBullet, where players use their shooting skills to take down a variety of enemies from zombies to helicopters. The charming platformer Sally’s Law.

As you can tell this bundle has games that range the gamut from the cute and child friendly to the very violent. The variety is reflected the number of developers, with each game featured in the bundle being made by a different group of developers. That includes SOMI, Team Bulosodeuk, Turtle Cream, SANBAE, and more. The featured charity is Action Against Hunger, though buyers can pick their own charity if they wish.

As with all Humble Mobile Bundles, the games are not delivered via Google Play, but either through the Humble Bundle website or their official Android app. In the past games distributed through these bundles have had a mixed track record of getting updated, with the Google Play version sometimes getting patched long before the updated version has become available through Humble. Here are the games included in this bundle:

$1 tier (pay $1 or more):

  • I.F.O.
  • the SilverBullet

Beat the average tier ($4.50 at the time this post was made)

  • Dim Light
  • Sally’s Law

$5 or more tier:

  • Replica
  • 6180 the moon

Interested? Check out the Made in Korea Humble Mobile Bundle

Note: Not all games are available in all countries. Discounts and prices may vary by region. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD.
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