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Netmarble’s Gacha Game Knights Chronicle Launches Worldwide

Netmarble has launched their new (for most people) hero collection gacha game. Played in portrait or landscape mode, Knights Chronicle is a mixture of turn based combat and visual novel style cut-scenes.

The game’s turn based battles allow players to utilize a range of skills as their team of heroes takes on a variety of enemies ranging from cannon fodder monsters to massive bosses. Many of the game’s skills have their own elaborate animations, which will add a bit more exciting but may also slow down the pace of battle. Those that find the animations to be frivolous can turn them off in the game’s settings menu, along with the option to turn off screen rotation.

It appears that the game has launched with a bug that makes the game inoperable when screen filter apps like Flux and Twilight are enabled. Gamers looking to play the game will need to either disable their filters or wait for a patch.

Knights Chronicle features over 100 heroes for players to collect and power up as they explore the planet of Garniel. Thanks to each heroes passive and active abilities, team building is an important aspect of the game, though as always having extremely powerful heroes will often trump tactics early on.

As part of the game’s pre-registration campaign, which passed the 500,000 pre-registrations milestone in May, players will receive a 6 star Rebecca hero, 200 diamonds (premium currency), and 1,000,000 gold (basic currency).

Knights Chronicle originally launched in Japan in 2016.

Going forward, the Iron Throne and Fishing Strike publisher has a few games in the pipeline including an upcoming Magic the Gathering mobile game, The King of Fighters AllStar, RPG Destiny6, and a host of games that may or may not be launched outside of Korea and Japan.

Knights Chronicle is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the free to play RPG on Google Play.

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