Knights Chronicle’s Costume Update Is Its Biggest Update Yet

Knights Chronicle

Today’s Knights Chronicles update brings some big changes to Netmarble’s popular hero collection RPG and gamers may not like some of them. The newest update has added costumes, a new special dungeon, two new heroes, and a whole lot of small changes and improvements.

By far the biggest addition to the turn-based RPG in this patch is hero costumes. Players will now be able to acquire new outfits for some of the game’s SRR heroes. These costumes will change their hero’s appearance and add new skill animations that match the costume’s theme. More importantly, costumes are more than just cosmetic.

The newly added costumes will quickly become vital to strengthening characters. The costumes themselves add an extra 7% to the attack, defense, and health of the hero, while also unlocking badge slots. Similar to the already available runes, badges improve a characters attack, speed, defense, or other stats when equipped. They will be available in the newly added Costume Badge Dungeon.

To make the costumes even more important, some special new outfits will also significantly upgrade a character’s skills. These upgrades include damage boosts and special debuffs if certain conditions are met. This has already led to some users questioning whether the new changes will push the game further into pay to win territory and make things more difficult for new players.

The update has also added two gun wielding new characters: The Punisher Verdani and Underworld Arms Dealer Nikita, with Nikita getting her own advent dungeon.

Among the other changes are a number of user interface tweaks, small changes to certain hero skills, and a one entry limit on boss dungeon attempts (down from 3).

Since its launch earlier this year, Knights Chronicle has been praised by gamers for having a good presentation and not pushing gamers too strongly towards in app purchases. The Knights Chronicle costume update won’t harm the turn-based RPG’s presentation but it may make it somewhat less free to play friendly.

Knights Chronicles is free to play and contains in app purchases. Here’s a look at one of the game’s new characters:

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